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Kineff is ‘Skin Effect’, In other words, it exists to help the skin,
as the name implies, which means ‘effect for the skin’.
Based on repeated research and uncompromising standards
of Korea's best cosmetic researchers,
Only excellent ingredients are carefully selected and stored.
It is a brand that confidently proposes professional care used in clinics made with the strongest combination of centella asiatica, tea tree, and centella.


Created by industry experts and used by skin experts


Professional products in the comfort of your home, quick soothing and comfort of your skin


Selecting and blending ingredients based on strict standards without compromise

Peace of mind

Safety of ingredients and content, selecting and combining ingredients

Anyone can sympathize with the experience of losing confidence in myself due to a red face due to irritating procedures and skin troubles caused by various harmful environments.

For the purpose of restoring confidence in the skin as quickly as possible
Created Kinef is a key that helps you return to your trouble-free daily life with a concentrated blend of ingredients that are gentle enough to safely apply to not only troubled skin, but also to swollen and sensitive skin immediately after the procedure.

To help you meet the world in its best form, Kineff.

Anyone can sympathize with the experience of losing confidence
in myself due to a red face due to irritating procedures and
skin troubles caused by various harmful environments.

Kineff's brand name is a compound word
of Skin (skin) + Effect (effect, to give an effect).
It contains confidence as a skin care brand.

Kineff has established systematic standards to realize its core values and vision by making products with ingredients and formulations proven through various skin research and clinical trials, and to deliver a consistent message across all customer contact points.

Kineff developed design elements in a minimalist way, leaving only the essentials under the big principle of Simple yet Intuitive.

Kinef's logo is designed in a concise and structured manner by adding the completeness of geometric shapes to a modern and reliable sans serif typeface.

In addition, all of Kinef's products play a role as a platform that delivers the brand value to consumers through the grid system that delivers information most effectively and the material expression that expresses Kinef's unique rational mood.

As the brand promises to provide fast and effective solutions, Kineff's logo is designed to be intuitive and simple.

The geometric and highly visible minimal sans serif type gives a sense of cohesion and delivers a trustworthy image to consumers.

In accordance with the design principle of Kinef, which removes unnecessary things and contains content intuitively, Helvetica Neue and Sandoll Gothic Neo 1, 
which are concise and clear fonts, are designated as brand fonts to intuitively deliver brand information with high readability.

In order to deliver an image with an immediate effect,
Kineph used high-saturation colors and metal textured materials throughout.
Textures and colors that convey a rational and professional feel express
the brand's values.

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