Brand design
Art Direction
Campain, Promotion
Print, Package design

Graphic Interface Design
Web Site Design
Social Media Guideliness
Digital Design

Food Styling
Product / Viral Video
Social Media
Prop Making
Video Editing

Character Development
Character Identity 
Graphic Design

IKEA Sustainability
Promotion website

Galaxy z flip3
Bespoke edition key visual 

Lifestyle video social platform
A service that records the moments you want to leave from everyday ife to special experiences
Dot Slash Dash is a new video platform for documenting your lifestyle. From everyday life to special experiences, record the moments you want to leave behind.

Official brand website

SKT-Health Habit X AIA Vitality

New Avon ux/ui design
Consulting project

American Burger Week
American Burger Week with
11 homemade burger restaurants
that make fresh beef patties
every day and bring out the original
taste of beef with minimal seasoning!

American Burger Week, which is in
its 5th year this year, is a food week
event with a handmade burger
restaurant that uses American
beef and pork.
Home Cafe Dessert🍒
Food styling, Photography

My gentle wine life guidebook 🍷✨
BottlePress 12 Months Wine Recipe

Pevo smart wearable

Character Development

Creators Who Love “Music” and “Design Toy” Gather Together and Make a Team, Namely “Punkbusters.” 

The Team Members Are James (Vocal), Skull (Guitar), Jack (Base), Mac (Synthesizer), Beer (Drum), Coma, Puppy, and RedMon (Mascot). As This Band Defeats Villains With Music, Whom They Encounter in the Space Travel, and Makes a Variety of Episodes, They Are Completing Their Own Music.
Graphic work

Design toy

Your own FLO home that
resembles me the more you
listen to music Listen to music
every day and meet a home
that suits me.

Uncommon House
Promotion video

Seoul botanic park
Promotion video

A collaboration between
Tetraford Bluing and Punk Busters,
in which Plus X took the lead.
That is "Skull Golden Ale",
which is a citrus flavor with a
skull character
as a motif and a floral scent.

Tetrapod Brewing co.

Samsung Card
Digital card plate

Villa de spicy street
Brand design, photo, print, package 
Punkbusters Has Created Art-Toy To Participate In The “ToySoul in Hong Kong”. The Punkbusters Team Is A Team Made Of Media Professionals Who Love Characters And Art Toys.

Official brand website

Samsung smart fitness

Derma elravie cosmetic
Brand design, website

TipTalk smart strap
Brand design, photo, print
Innomdle corporation, a spin-off company of Samsung Electronics, introduces the first project – TipTalk, a wearable device. Wearing TipTalk on the wrist and putting a finger in the ear lets user hear the sound via bone conduction.

Brand design, facade,
photo, website, package
FRANK has carried out the overall rebranding on the new logo, design graphic identity and its interior concept.The brand logo of Lee’s Gimbab was created by the combination of the luxury of Hangul and with the oval shape of Gimbab. The oval shape was designed to imply that the Gimbab is packed together with care.
Samsung galaxy theme

Punk Busters
Prototype Version
Products made for testing
before coloring

Mobile theme
Android black theme.

Star of summer
Band concert poster
S.I.VILLAGE is a premium online store introduced by shinsegae international co. ltd., through fashion, beauty and living brands, which embraces leading domestic brands and international luxury brands.

Website proposal
Lotte hotel
official website

Digital deivce guide

Brand design 

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